Sunday, February 11, 2007

Smoke Trails

, originally uploaded by Luke Williams.

I went to the flying field with Marty yesterday. He had some problems with his smoke system (only one of the two mufflers where outputting smoke in this image) and I had problems with a bland, white, overcast sky. Finally everything came together for a short time and I was able to get this one image that I consider blog-worthy.


Shelli Poole said...

More pictures, please!!

Luke Williams said...

I just haven't shot much lately...but I promise more to come soon.

ehouse said...

Hey Luke, this is Liz Housley. The craziest thing just happened. I was reading an article online in the times about geotags in flickr. I decided to see if there were lots of littlerock tags and the first image that popped up was from you! Weird. So I thought I would say hi, if you check this...
How are you? I see that you are still doing IT but photography on the side? That sounds great. I never use blogger so you should email me at